Tell us what you're looking for.
Tell us what you're looking for.


We help clients save money, time and at the same time push design limits - by supplying and provide sourcing services for new and innovative materials. Learn more
Our wide range of materials and services can realise your dreams.
Our wide range of materials and services can realise your dreams.


We help clients realise their unique brand and preference by prototyping with new design ideas and bringing them to reality. LEARN MORE
We can be your design consultant.
We can be your design consultant.


We help clients solve problems. In situations of difficult design issues, we would be more than willing to be your design consultant. LEARN MORE

Why RE-Source?

Feasible Solutions
As we are designers and makers ourselves, we understand the challenges and constraints of beautiful designs, know the expectations and needs of end-users, and hope to fill the gaps to provide practical and viable alternatives without compromising on the creativity to enhance the design journey. 

Flexible Costs
We are flexible and will work out suited options within the budget allocation you have. We are committed to finding a balance between your design aspirations and cost.

Dependable Response Time
Our partnership is a relationship we value and cherish. We are mindful that responsiveness builds trust, which is a core value of our business. 

Reliable Delivery
We will monitor progress on our project management plans to ensure milestones are on track. Based on the delivery deadlines, we will advise on the most cost-effective and reliable shipping method for international projects.

Assured Quality
We only work with reputable and established suppliers, experienced and qualified carpenters in the trade. Stringent checks are conducted to ensure satisfaction of our goods. To put your mind at ease, samples and prototypes can be provided upon requests.  

We help to expand your world of design possibilities, optimise your costings, and bring in materials and design solutions just in time.

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