Golden Lypres

Golden Lypres

Location: Raffles Hotel 
Designers and Contractors: RE-Source Design
Completed in: April 2015

Golden Lypres is a flagship store of HSIEHS BIOTECH that manufactures and sells a high-quality health supplement.

The concept of this flagship store was to give the product the primary focus. Solid colours of white and blush pink with plain textures were used throughout the store. Exquisite, ornate furniture were used at resting areas to provide customers with a high-quality, prestigious ambience.

Below are items we designed and customized for Golden Lypres Flagship Store:
1. Lounge Arm Chairs - Solid wood frames with cushions in genuine leather
2. Customised Carpet - According to site dimensions
3. Reception / Cashier Counter 
4. Customised Signage 
5. Customised Display Shelves, Timber and Glass Sliding Doors 
6. Customised Architrave Columns
7. Customised Tables with Veneer Top and Stainless Steel legs 

To complete the classy ambience, these were RE-Sourced:

1. Loose Furniture - Italian Design Sexy Chaise Lounge Chair, Italian Design Sofa Set, Italian Hand Carved Coffee Table, Glass Display Table with Gold Leaf Carvings, Cabinet Console in Antique Gold Finish
2. Centrepiece Rug
3. White Marble Flooring
4. Ornate Mirror in Gold Finish 
5. Chandelier 
6. Glass Wall Lamps
7. Day Sheer Curtain & Night Velvet Curtain with Tassel Fringe
8. Ornate Picture Frames in Antique Gold Finish 
9. Audio System 

Design should not be limited by cumbersome processes to obtain certain resources.
At RE-Source, we can source, customize, and even design for you.
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