Beyond Painting
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Beyond Painting

Beyond Painting

At Resource, we do beyond painting works. If you're thinking of something graphically adventurous,
we are the right people you're looking for. 


Besides them topping the trendy wall paper list, these are the four things we can do for, and with you. 

  1. Wall Murals
    Wall murals are computer generated images by hand drawing or illustrations, and are installed like wallpapers. What makes them different compared to the usual wallpaper is that they are quirky, and add a touch of modern contemporary into your space, bringing it to live with a hint of your character. Because of the unlimited designs they come in, wall murals are trending as they can bring across an idea of a brand, or your personality in their various colours and 2D forms. 

    A wall mural for Taan restaurant done by Re-Source gives a quirky yet cheery ambience to the place.

  2. Rusty Metal 
    If you like the feeling of an antique, retro looking space, try Rusty Metal wall art! We have a team of professionals that can turn the appearance of your plain looking cafeteria wall into a space with a long valuable history. Look at some of the examples below to have some ideas. 

    Based Upon's rusted metal wall gives a masculine and bold personality into the space of this restaurant.

    If you are feeling edgy, we can also do the rusted metal effect for your carpentry! 

    One of Re-Source's project: acid rusted metal sheets on the carpentry gives Soup Spoon cafe a natural industrial look.

  3. Hand Painted Cement Screed/Applied Cement Screed Effect 
    As Minimalists spread their influence, so have the rise of cement screed walls. Cement Screed walls, because of their plain colour but raw texture, adds a touch of classiness and simplicity. Due to their plain colour but raw texture, they can also complement other materials while put together.

    One of Re-Source's project for a bespoke shoe company: a plain hand-painted cement screed wall perfectly complement the dark wood frames while also bringing attention to the products. 

  4. Mixed Media Murals
    Mixed media murals consists of more than 1 type of material. It can be paint, sticker, spray, screed. The trick of mixed media murals is the ability to look nice despite a mix of materials. With our artistic talents, we can make them blend seamlessly with your space.

    Re-source's mixed media mural with stickers and paint for Fat Bird Restaurant.