Cork Material
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Cork Material

Cork Material

Forget about cement screed walls. Cork walls are slowly coming into the limelight.

At Resource, we provide an extensive range of Cork products, from ready-made household products to customisation for interior and exterior furnishing.

Cork, as many people known them as, is commonly used for household purposes like wine-stoppers and noticeboards. In the Mediterranean, cottage dwellers used them for roofs and floors to insulate themselves from the cold and heat. However, with the rise of the sustainable movement, they are slowly being incorporated into new projects by a new age of adventurous designers who are beginning to value this sustainably green product.

Cork as an Environmentally Sustainable Material

Cork, an environmentally friendly and sustainable product, is making its way into the design scene. Compared to other wooden products that require cutting down the tree to become harvested, Corks are obtained from the bark of the Quercus Suber tree.  After which, the tree will be left to continue growing.  Not only are they biodegradable, their products are functional, washable, water-resistant and they offer a clean yet effortless look.

Read below to see the many uses of how this timeless material can be used in Architecture and interior furnishing, and how we can work together.

Resource’s Cork Products

Resource’s Cork base products are mainly:
a. Cork Boards (Study and light)
b. Cork Fabric
c. Cork Coasters (Thickness of 5mm)

These base products are ready-to-buy for your own creations, and also available for customisation with us.
Read on to find out more.

Resource’s Ready-To-Buy Products

Under this category, we have buy-off-the-shelves products ready for your use or your own DIY crafts.

  1. Rectilinear Cork Coasters
    As home furnishers ourselves, we would always want to get something unique that represents our style and taste.
    Forget conventional paper coasters that get ruined after a few times of use.
    Consider getting these beauties that subtly speaks your style to your guests.
    Our Cork coasters come in the standard size of 14.8cm by 9.8cm.
  2. Cork Fabric
    Our Cork fabric comes in various patterns and textures of a standard dimension of 1.2m by 2.4m each. The following are images of how you can use cork fabric to realise your very own bag or home goods to speak your own style.

    Cork bag made by TheCottonHouse

    Pencil Case made by Mrsh

    Cork Pillowcase by BHDnordic

  3. Cork Boards
    With our ready-to-buy cork boards, you can choose however way you want to do with them. Our graphic patterned cork boards serves an effortless furnishing of your wall at home. Our cork boards come in a standard size ranging from 1.2m up to 50m long.
    The following images shows how you can use the cork boards.

    Design by Goossens wonen and slapen

    For designers, our ready to buy cork boards can also serve as partitions and navigation walls.
    For visually impaired individuals, navigating around a house or a building can be quite frustrating. For them, relying on their next sense, touch, is the next best way to get around. Research has shown that for visually impaired individuals, most of them seek comfort in textile materials when getting from one spot of a building to another.

    Hazelwood School in Glasgow by Alan Dunlop Architects uses cork walls for visually impaired students to navigate around the school for they rely on textile materials

Resource Can Customise Cork Products for Your Different Uses
At Resource, we also provide customisation services for you- be it a special product, or furnishing for your new home, restaurant or building. The list goes on.

Read on to see what we can help you with.

  1. Customising Personalised Items/Gifts/Products

    Home Goods
    In preparation for your new restaurant which is about to launch, you may be too occupied to DIY your table mats though you really want it. Fret not, we are here to help you realise your dreams.
    Send us your desired design (cutting shape and dimensions) and base cork selection from our website, and we can do it for you.
    Below are examples of not what we have done, what of what we can do for you. Credits made by owners respectively.

    A coloured and specially cut Cork mat from Nuagehome

    Even for embossing, lasercutting or engraving, we can do them for you.

    Personalised Lasercut Coasters from Tpc Design Studio

    We also do printing on cork sheets.

    Printed Wedding Coasters and Pot Trivet from PaperPiperPrints and DIYnosaurShop

    As well as unique shapes-as you like them, for your cork trivets.

    Cork Trivets from ThePathLessTraveled

  2. Interior Furnishing
    Cork being a flexible material, its design possibilities are endless. Read on more on how they can be a timeless feature in your interior, and how we can assist you.

    Forget filament pendants.
    Get creative by designing your very own lamp with cork.
    And we will build it for you.

    Suspended cork lamp by Noergaard + Kechayas

    Home Furnishing
    Using the same solid surface for the kitchen counter in every project can be boring. Consider cork as a possibility. Not only do they look classic, the nature of this material is fire-resistant, making them a suitable material for a kitchen counter or table.

    Resource will be able to build this for you based on your desired dimensions and design intention.

    Kitchen counter by Studio Richards and Spence

  3. Personalised Wall Features
    Besides being a feature by itself, cork walls are known for being good sound insulators. For musicians who love playing music deep into the night, cork walls may just be for you.

    Besides providing the base cork board for you, we can customise it to any shape you desire- be it in regular or irregular units.

    Modular Pieces

    Personalised Diamond Shaped Cork Wall by Gencork

    Irregular Pieces
    If you are worried about installation after the pieces are ready, we will have a team of professionals to stick pieces in their correct order.

    Irregular-cut out Cork Wall by Spinneybeck

How We Can Help You

At Resource, we provide customising services.
You can start by browsing through our catalogue to view the different patterns of cork available.
We believe in creating endless possibilities of these cork products, and look forward to seeing your designs and working together.