Faux Plants
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Faux Plants

Faux Plants

Enjoy the beauty of natural-looking flowers without the hassle of watering.

Advances in technology are now giving artificial plants a new life. Manufacturing methods are now more precise; bringing real texture and details to the leaf that was once over-glossy and starkly-green. Enhances in production technology allows diversity in every leaf shape, growth density and stem texture; making them look realistic.

Every diminutive and intricate detail – varying stem lengths, leaf sizes, gloss level- adds realism to the entire plant.  A slight bend of a branch can make it seem like the plant is growing towards the sunlight, or even drooping.

As people who do home DIY crafts as well as interior furnishing, we do understand the pain of wanting to soften a space by bringing in an absolutely lovely looking fern into that dull space; but shed that idea due to practicalities. However, with the herald of technology and the advantages it brings, we can still liven up that part of the house by bringing in our faux plant products.

Besides beautifying a space, there are limitless possibilities into what these artificial beauties can do.

Read on below to see their wide range of uses.


  1. Livening up your personal workspace
    Researchers have proved that people working in the presence with flowers and plants on study desks showed more productivity and longer attention span. Besides decorating your workspace with your personalised items, consider sprucing your desk with some plants to restore your focus after staring at your screen for long periods.

  2. Brightening up your dull office space
    Ever felt like your office was overly sterile? Perhaps you could bring in a fern silk plant to lighten up the seriousness in a meeting room, or even that cheery tree to provide a private cosy corner for you and your colleague to discuss some work. With office workers having no time to maintain plants, you can save costs of hiring a gardener by getting these faux plants to give your office a unique character.

  3. Bringing Atmosphere to your newly renovated Restaurant
    Selecting a restaurant can be hard when food standards are just about the same.

    Dining times are moments of respite, a period to take a short break from their hectic working schedules. Besides offering a delicious menu, it is important to provide a comfortable and soothing atmosphere to the diners. As such, the design, colour palette, lighting, decoration, textures also contribute to the atmosphere.

    Plants and green walls are shown to offer a peaceful dining setting, adding the feeling of dining in a garden while in the comforts of a restaurant without having to worry about mosquitoes and the sweltering heat of Singapore.

    Aoyama Flower Market Tea House in Tokyo

  4. Partition Decoration

    To Architects and interior designers, you can even consider getting these silk vines to crawl down a wire mesh partitioning you’ve designed for the new office. Not only do they look aesthetically clean and pleasing, they also offer various spots of privacy.


  1. Interior Feature Walls
    If you’ve always had a soft spot for those luxurious green wall beauties but just do not have the time, energy and effort to maintain them, consider faux green walls. The green walls we provide at Re-source offers a wide variety of plants in different shades, tones, textures and patterns. Besides being everlasting and maintenance-free, they give your space an extraordinary character and homeliness.

    For a green wall to look real, there must be more than 5 types of plants. Besides offering a wide range for your selection, we provide proper installation services to ensure that the plants stay intact to their base.

    Beanburo’s eye-catching, soothing green feature wall

  2. Events
    Sometimes, the cost of natural flowers are just not value-for-money, especially when they are just going to be used for just that day. Even more so when live plants only look good on the day themselves, and you worry about being able to finish your set-up on time. Consider getting these faux plants where they can be used for your own personal decoration after the event and giving you ample time to prepare and set up way before the event without worrying that they may wither.

    For photographers and stylists planning your shoots, perhaps these faux plants may be the best economic choice for you, where these plants are ever-lasting and always beautiful.

  1. Green Facades on Buildings
    It is well known that being in nature brings much benefit to a person’s psychological wellbeing. As such, there has been a rise in initiatives in greening buildings, allowing their users- especially in hospitals, to be able to look out and recharge. However, many a time these green foliage facades on buildings appear luxurious only for a few months due to lack of care and proper maintenance. Save the hassle with these plants as you wouldn’t have to worry about the cost to maintain them, or whether they would start drooping anytime soon.


Why Us?

RE-Source expands your world of design possibilities.

Take a fresh approach towards delivering your works by exploring and tapping on the vast resources we have to make your creations viable. With the wide array of materials easily made available, your playground is a lot more exciting now.

We are always at hand to share our design experiences and expertise for your needs. You can trust our advice will be feasible as we will be personally sourcing, creating and making the items for you.

We provide worldwide custom-built solutions; geographical location is not a constraint. 

Transform your design process with us.