Custom Lighting
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Custom Lighting

Custom Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of every interior project. The right type of lighting, in terms of their aesthetic and the amount of warmth they provide is crucial in completing the look of every interior.

At RE-Source, you can customise every part of the light, from the light source to the amount of warmth they emit.

Light Source: the part which gives off light. They can come in the form of bulbs, LED strips, Tungsten, Chips-On-Board (COB), Strip Lights, Programmatic Logic Controller (PLC).

Light Fixture: other parts of the light that encloses the light source, including encasement and wires. Wires can vary in length and colour. To customise different encasement, you can see our customised metal works here, or customised cork works here or send us a picture of something you want and we can realise it for you.

Wattage: It is described by the brightness of the light source (eg. dim vs bright)

Kelvin: It is a technical term to describe the colour of the warmth given off by the light source.

Kelvin chart by

For larger fixtures like chandeliers, we can do them for you as well. 

Look at the following examples to see what we can customise!

By Culture N Lifestyle 

Like this outdoor lighting installations, our artisans will recommend the most suited material durable for outdoor rain and shine. Even if they are in organic shapes, their forms will be hand crafted by experienced artisans.

Outdoor lamps by Digsdigs

Even for crystal chandeliers in foyers:

By Design Rulz

For themed restaurants, get in line with your concept. Try them even on the lights.

By Design Rulz 

How We Can Help You:

Send us a 2D image of your design or a 3D model. You can decide on the material, or we can give you suggestions based on your concept. Based from there, you can either make a decision on the kind of warmth and their brightness. For warmth and colour emission,we can also customise it such that they can all installed in the light source.