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Metal works are traditionally expensive due to the requirement of specialised equipments and skilled labour. 

Metal is divided into two types: Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. Compared to mild steel, stainless steel contains Chromium, giving it high resistance to corrosion and stains. 

Mild Steel Treatments 
As Mild Steel contains high amount of Carbon, they are more prone to rust.
After sealing and lacquer as protection, these are the treatment methods:
1) Powder Coated Treatment 
2) Raw Metal Galvanization 
3) Rusty Look (For Industrial themes)

Stainless Steel Treatments
Containing Chromium, they are highly resistant and hence can exist even without any special treatment. Otherwise, these are the various treatment methods:
1) Anodised Stainless Steel
2) Anti Fingerprint treatment 


1. Lasercut Metal Works
Our team of specialists are skilled to laser cut metal works, even if they are organic in shape. These lasercut metal works are produced in high precision. 

NOW Noodles's lasercut and powdercoated metal partition by Re-Source. 
Not only they serve as partitions, they further emphasise the brand. 

2. Bending Metal Works
Bended metal works form a wide variety of products. From ornaments, signages to furniture. With hairpin legs being in the trendy list now due to their industrial look they provide, try customising your own!
Re-Source's customised wooden stool with hairpin legs. These legs are bent by professionals to ensure uniformity in their curve.

3. Groove and Fold Metal Works 
You can also customise lamps and furnishing items. Not only are they distinctly different from other buy-off-the-shelves items from mass markets, they represent the owner's style.

Folded metal lamps in anodised gold by Re-Source for Zipang Japanese restaurant.

4. Welding Metal Works

Metal welding is generally expensive due to the necessary equipment involves, which come with high prices. For an affordable amount, we can design and weld customised metal works.

Re-Source's welded metal rack for Zipang Japanese Restaurant.

5. Anodizing Metal Works
Anodised Metal works is one of our forte. These metal works can be customised as ornaments, or partitions, screens, lighting designs. Unleash your creativity with this malleable material!

Anodised in rose gold, this customised metal work by Re-Source serves as a unique ornament. 

6. Powdercoat Metal Works 
Powdercoating is the process of applying on a coat of free-flowing dry powder on the metal surface by electrostatic force. Powdercoat is environmental-friendly, and compared to painting, they are more durable to corrosion, chipping and scratches.

Re-Source's customised table with powdercoated legs in black.

7. Etch Metal Works
Etching is the process of using a mordant to to cut into a metal piece to create an incision. They are commonly used for plagues, or brand labels.
Vision Engraving and Routing Systems etched metal plate.

8. Engrave Metal Works 
Compared to Etching that uses liquid to cut the metal, engraving is the direct cutting into a flat surface by cutting grooves into it. 

Re-Source's laser engraved mould for Dulux.