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At RE-SOURCE, there are several types of Signages we offer for customisation.

In the Non-Lighted category, we have Metal Box-Up Letting Signage, Acrylic Cut-Out Signage, Wood-Engraved Signage, Raw Metal Signage.

In the Lighted category, we have Acrylic Box Up Lettering, Resin Cast, Metal Box-Up with Acrylic Front Lit, LED Neon Signs, Neon Signs, LED Panels with Spot Lights.

With a wide variety of signages, it is important to know the type that suits your brand. Scroll through our products below to have an idea what type of signage suits your space.

Item: Non Lighted, CNC Metal Cut-Out with Gold Anodised Stainless Steel
To give a slightly sophisticated but also casual feel of your brand, you will never go wrong with these simple CNC metal cut outs. Clear and concise on a plain background, they exude simplicity and classiness. 
On the other hand, they can also be used outdoors without getting ruined.

Item: Metal Cut-Out with Front Spot Light
Soup Spoon's Union, one of our longest clients, is a brand that exudes a casual eatery, yet one that offers delicious meals at the same time. These white bulbs when used appropriately, can remind us of childhood where old theme parks are stringed with such lights across fields. As such, we proposed using these metal cut-outs with front spot light to evoke a relaxed and cheery setting where diners can feel at ease while having their meals.

Item: Anodized Gold Stainless Steel with Frosted Acrylic Backing Signage 
Anodised Rose Gold have been popular in recent years. 
The use of anodized rose gold has been widespread as they can make anything look like they are highly prized. 

For backlit signages, backing is preferred as signages require wires to be individually wired. Due to their exposed wires, backlit signages are mostly used indoors.

RE-SOURCE will handle everything from designing for you (if need be), material sourcing to proper, professional installation. 

Item: Neon Signs 
Neon signs can be used either indoors or outdoors. At Resource, our Neon signs are available using either LED lights, or luminous gas-discharge neon gas. As compared to other types of signages, Neon Signs are considered rare due to their decreased popularity since the 2000s. Neon signs are relatively cheaper due to their low-heat emission as well as low energy consumption.
Consider Neon signs as an affordable way to bring attention to your brand and at the same time revitalising old times in an antiquated, yet refreshing way. 

Item: Wood Engraving
To evoke a sense of artisan, wood is usually used due to their raw-looking appearance.