Tiles, Mosaic and Ornamental Tile Carving
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Tiles, Mosaic and Ornamental Tile Carving

Tiles, Mosaic and Ornamental Tile Carving

At Resource, we provide a wide range of tiles for your selection, customization services. We have an extensive range of cement tiles, mosaic tiles and homogeneous tiles. 


Customisation services varies from customising Tile Printing, Tile Carving and Mosaic Pattern. Here's what we can do for you:

1. Customised Tile Printing 
Printed Tiles maintain their water-resistant quality, and are easily maintained with just water and soap. Unlike wallpapers and stickers, printed tiles bring volume to a space with their depth and glossy textures. They offer a satisfying visual as well.

At Resource, we can customize printing on tiles for you. All you have to do is just send us your image, and the dimensions of the art work to be on.

Sanya Eastern Kitchen by ODA Architects.

Tiles do not always have to be just a wall feature or flooring. They can be beautiful and bring character into a space.
Customised tile designs. Image from Susie Brown.

2. Customise Ornamental Tile Carving
Uncommonly used in interior designs, tile carving is a unique form of art. At Resource, we have skilled artists that can bring your designs to life, bringing any space alive with realistic textures and details.

Wall features do not only have to be paintings for flat wallpapers. Not only are these tiles water-resistant and easily maintained with water, they themselves are a centre piece that speaks your unique style. 

With realistic details of a real parrot, this tile painting itself is a timeless art piece.

Imagine such works being in your wet market stall. Not only do they look amazing, they also stay fuss free and functional.

Besides customising each tile, you can start getting creative and think of how tiles can be used besides their usual wall of floor feature! The best thing is, we can do them for you-with quality assured.

See examples of what we can do.


1. Turning them into Household Uses

Customised tile planters from coisinhasoutras.

Customised tile trays from theproperblog.

2. Turning them into Unique Furniture Tiled coffee table by malisonlifedco.

To commercial designers, we have great ideas for you. Re-Source can also source for the type of tiles you want, and in any event of time constraints, we can even design them for you. Read below on how we can use tiles in our designs besides the usual floor and wall feature!

1. Beautifying your Outdoor Pools 
If you're jaded from using the usual pool tile, try these patterned tiles to add character to this relaxing space.

2. Undercounter for Swim-Up Bar
Who says the undercounter for swim-up bars always have to be in mosaic tiles?

HGTV's swim up bar.

3. Store Designs 
Start breaking boundaries from the usual shelving you see in stores.
Not only do these tiles serve as a simple background for the products, they serve as seatings as well!The little shoes shop by Nabito Architects.

Cement tiles go way back to the 1850s from the Catalonia region, Spain. Since then, they have been used throughout the Europe and Americas.

As designers brace a new era of adventurism, cement tiles are now not only used in the Western countries. They are now used world-wide- in cafes, restaurants, bathrooms, pathways. 

Every cement tile is unique as every piece is hand-made, one at a time.

With a mold, cement, hydraulic pressure and natural minerals, a tile maker creates each piece of art work piece by piece. 

As they do not undergo firing, they do not have an outer glaze, making them appear raw in relative to the other types of tiles- ceramic and mosaic. 

Here's a few ways you can use these cement tiles:

1. Creating Unique Pieces of Furniture
If your client is a tile-lover, why not make his furniture from tiles as well?

Cement Tile table from maisonlifedco.

2. Outdoor Dining Areas 
For areas that do not require heavy washing, cement tiles will be a good idea for the outdoors. 

Design by Designlovefest.