Wood and Wall
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Wood and Wall

Whatever wood product you want, we probably have it.

At Resource, we have a few types of Wood products.
Timber Strips, Wooden Slab, Butcher Block, Parquet, Solid Wood and Live Edge Tables.

Timber Strips 

You may have a complex design for your Timber Strip facade but worry that your contractor may not have the sufficient skill and workmanship for it; or that the end product will look vastly different from the one that was previously discussed.

Fret not, we are here to assist.

At Resource, we have a team of specialists to ensure the end product will be what you have been diligently designing for. 

Besides customising Timber Strips for facades, we also do personalisation for ceiling designs, column designs, furniture, wall feature, and box-up designs.

Browse the examples below to see what we can do.

Timber Panels as Wall Features 

Reclaimed Wood Panel Wall by Resource 

Customised Timber Panels for Ceiling Design 

Interior design by Alex Lake Architects

Customising Timber Screens

Alphaville by Aum Arquitetos

Wooden Slab 

Besides being used as tables, wooden slabs can be used in many more ways you've imagined.

We can do customising of wooden products that speaks of your unique style. 

Home Goods 

For engraving or carving wooden products, we can do them tastefully.

Personalised Engraved Chopping Board by Woodlink 

Or a serving tray that can segment your food.

Puzzle Tray by Newton Vineyard

Or a customised private seating design.

Design by Hercules Morse

Butcher Block 

Butcher Block, as the name may suggest, are kitchen countertops used for chopping food. Usually made from teak, walnut and hard maple, they are wood pieces being assembled together.

For centuries in European countries, butcher blocks have been used in butcher shops.

However, in today's trends where solid surfaces are preferably common, they are usually used as countertops for their beauty. If you require a table counter top which you will not use as much as the heavy duty chef, consider getting these to add a European feel to your kitchen workspace.

Read on below on how we can customise Butcher Blocks for your workspace.


Even if you prefer a a solid surface top for practicalities but also wish for a butcher block to complete your ideal look of your kitchen, why not have both?

A solid surface countertop with a solid oak Butcher Block from Innenausbau

Or an island table with a butcher counter
Design by Eszter Paller 


Parquet flooring can be exciting if you want them to.

As flooring trends veer towards mixing floor tiles and parquet, we are the right people who can not only offer a wide variety of parquet and tiles; but also the people who can realise the look of your ideal interior.

Afterall, its all about the details, right?

Woodplace by Ragno 

Freeform Live Edge Tables

If you're someone who enjoys naturalistic designs, this is for you.

Live Edge tables, also commonly known as freeform tables, are entirely natural as they come from trees cut into slabs. Each table comes from the log of trees being cut into slabs, where the outer bark is removed; leaving the live edges exposed. The wood will then be milled, air-dried and kiln dried to remove any moisture within.

Each piece is unique and different from the other in its grains, ring pattern, tone, knots. As such, you will never find two exact slabs. 

Starkly different from entirely man-made furniture, live-edge tables shows the breed of tree it came from. Often, walnut and oak make the more popular choices due to their grains and striking colour. 

If you're worrying about practicalities of cleaning, fret not, as each table will be sealed with varnish finishing and protection. 

Read on more on how Live-Edge tables can make your spaces come alive!

Communal Dining Tables
Communal tables are coming into the design scene as more restaurant owners hope to enhance interaction even between diners.

With the organic and natural curve of these tables, won't they set the right mood as well as a great conversation starter?

Interior Design by Freshii

if you have a simple palette in your home but would love a piece of furniture that can immediately be a classy centrepiece, why not these?

Footed Wood Slab by Anthropologie

How We Can Help You
We understand that every furniture is an important reflection of your taste.
Browse through our catalogue of our Live Edge Table and hit the contact button once you've seen once that catches your eye. We can customise its shape, dimensions, surface varnish and stain finishing.